Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, La Cruz

This is the last day for sis and the chubster, they leave tomorrow.  I wish I could have provided them with a better last two days of their trip but a broken windlass has kept us at anchor here in La Cruz.  Today was dedicated to jumping from one bus to another and walking great distances to and from bad Mexican directions in the heat and dirt of Mexico.  Honestly, it was a good experience and I enjoy getting my elbows dirty with the locals.  One of the mishaps today was buying 3 tiny little stainless screws that hold the endcap on the electrical motor side of the windlass then after much wandering to and fro I realized that there is a whole in the pocket of my boardshorts and I had donated those three screws to the streets of Bucerias.  Doh!  Back to the fasterner shop to get three more.

Before going to town I spent about an hour or so with a friendly Canadian chap that was an electrical engineer in his previous life who  helped me clean the commutator and reseat the brushes on the windlass.  I also had to buy some new 2/0 AWG cable to replace one of the cables to the windlass that had corroded through and was done!  After the fam leaves tomorrow I will begin the project of rewiring and installing the windlass.  Said project should take me about 4-5 hours and when I am done I hope that when I push the button...everything works and the anchor and chain come into the boat.  That's the plan!  I will let you know how it goes.

I think to celebrate a good trip, we will go get some pizza tonight then come back and watch another postcard sunset.  Ciao for now.

Bret, Aven, Karla
SV Liahona

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