Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, Ensenada de los Muertos

A 7 1/2 hour romping downwind sail in about 15-20 knots of wind with following seas has landed me in Ensenada de los Muertos at around 3:30pm today.  It was a pretty frollicky day busting downwind to Muertos and got a little uncomfortable after after 1 pm or so as the following seas had built up as a result of the constantly brisk NW winds.  The seas were not huge, maybe 4', but when they are right behind you it makes for a rolly ride.  At about 2 pm or so I saw a sailboat hugging close along the shore going north beating into the seas and the winds.  I tried to hail them on the radio but heard nothing.  That was pretty late in the day and they still had probably 30 miles or more to go to get to LaPaz or Playa Bonanza. They definitely won't be getting in before dark. I was glad I was not them. ha.

My trip today covered about 43 miles and took me through the Ceralvo Channel, notorious for it's strong currents and winds that funnel between the 4.5 mile gap that lies between mainland Baja and Isla Ceralvo.  I was lucky that mother nature and I were both traveling down the same road together.  Ensenada de los Muertos (Bay of the Dead) is a small little place tucked in behind a nice, rocky point with excellent protection from wind and waves from the north to northwest.  I'm  not sure if there is a little town here or not but there are definitely some houses along the east and west ends of this mile long bay.  I am anchored over excellent holding sand in about 25' of water.  Water, by the way, that is now showing a nice 72 degrees.  Things are warming up my friends.

And speaking of warming up, let's move on to the fishing report.  Yes, there has been a change in the fishing report starting today! ha.  At about 1pm I hooked into a small, maybe 5 lb., Bonita on one of the handlines.  Bonita are super red meat and pretty nasty so he got to live to swim another day.  However, my next victim was a medium sized, maybe 4', male Dorado.  Hell ya!  He was caught on the rod and reel and I owe a big thanks to my numnber 1 son Tanner because I caught this tasty meal on the cedar plug that Tanner gave me for Christmas.  Thank you T-Man1!  Gonna be some fresh eats tonight!  My third victim turned out to not be a victim at all. Rather he actually turned the tables on me and I became the victim.  I don't know what it was but it was something pretty big.  It was on the other handline and I say it was big because when it hit it straight opened up the stainless steel split ring that holds the lure on the leader.  Adios $20 Rapala!  Would have liked to at least put some eyes on that one.


So that is it for today.  I am happy to be here in Muertos, even though I'm the only boat anchored here.  From here I have another 45ish mile hop to Frailles on the east cape then another 30 mile hop to get to San Jose del Cabo.  I don't need to be into Cabo until Saturday so I may sit here a day or two depending on what the weather looks like later in the week.  Ciao for now!

SV Liahona

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