Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18, Matanchen Bay, San Blas

We left paradise, Isla Isabela, this morning at first light around 5:30am and headed southeast toward Matanchen Bay about 42 miles away.  We had excellent winds on the beam, smooth seas and it was an all around beautiful sail.  We did motor a fair amount today because we wanted to get to Matanchen Bay with enough time to play.  ----Break--- fishing report...we caught one yellow tail that we put into the freezer for sashimi, brought in some sort of a jack and had several other hits with one of those breaking a line and taking a prize lure.  About an hour out of San Blas we began seeing whales, not sure what variety.  We chased down a few and got somewhat close, maybe 50 yards or so but most were shy and when we headed their way they dove down out of site.

Upon arrival in Matanchen Bay, home of the longest wave break in the world, we launched the dinghy and went ashore to see if we could rent a couple of boards.  It was really weird, the place was like a ghost town with only a few palapa restaurants open for business.  I am not sure if we are out of season or what but we were unsuccessful in finding any boards so we elected to try to paddle into the small waves with the stand up paddleboard to catch a ride.  We were pretty successful at that and we played in the waves for a few hours with Stephanie showing her mad skills on a board riding off on the first wave that came her way.  The rides are pretty long here so we towed each other back with the dinghy which was almost as much fun as riding the waves.  haha.

This place is famous for biting insects so after our play in the waves we picked up anchor and moved far out into the bay away from shore to try to save ourselves.  So far so good.  The landscape here is completely different than what I have been seeing for the last several weeks.  The beaches are covered with palm trees and the mountains behind the beaches are covered with dense green vegetation.  Yes, we are officially tropical!

So all is well in the Mexico neighborhood aboard SV Liahona which is now practically captained by Dave as he continues to pick up quickly on the sailing game and enjoying the new freedoms of living life on the water with the wind powering you to wherever it is that you would like to go.  However, he was driving the dinghy amongst the surf here in the bay and definitely needs a little more behind the tiller time before he can be trusted with your loved ones. LOL.  Oh, water temp here...77 degrees.  No complaints.  Hasta manana my friends!

Bret, Dave and Stephanie
SV Liahona

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