Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A hike through the beautiful Steinbeck Canyon in Baja California Sur

While in Puerto Escondido we took the opportunity to walk up Steinbeck Canyon with Nicki from s/v Seychelles.  It is about a mile or so walk out to Hwy 1 from Puerto Escondido then on the dirt road from there up the canyon.  All told it was about 3-4 hours round trip.  The canyon itself is breathtaking.  Huge boulders are strewn through the narrow canyon, deposited there over hundreds of years of flooding, most likely from the hurricanes during the summer months.

The hike is generally not terribly strenuous nor technical, depending on how far up the canyon you venture.   We visited in late October and there was still water flowing through the deep pools and over the ledges.  Interestingly, in many spots the water disappears undergrouond only to reappear a little further down the canyon, spilling into yet more pools.  The water was clean and refreshing.  We loved it and will definitely go back.  Enjoy the video.

Click on the pic above to watch the video

s/v Liahona
Bret and Marne


  1. Beautiful!! It is just stunning.
    s/v Puffin Alice & Jack

  2. It is gorgeous. Definitely recommended.

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