Sunday, July 31, 2016

What do cruisers do in the off season?

There are many misconceptions about cruising and the lifestyles we live on and off of the boat.  Most of that is centered around the concept that we are "retired".  It is true that most cruisers don't have regular work and many have permanently distanced themselves from their previous life with a J.O.B. However, as long as you are a cruiser, you are never retired.  Life on board requires work and life on land is a stark reminder that even though we don't have a 9 to 5 we don't get to sit around for the rest of our lives sipping Mai Tais.

Here at home on land we have a LONG list of "to do's" that we chip away at while we count the days until we are back home aboard the Liahona.  While aboard we keep of list of wants and needs that we bring back down with us to the boat in Mexico.  Sourcing the 3-4 pages of various bits ranging from toilet parts to mattress toppers and everything in between is a time consuming job.  There are insurances to secure, cell phones to connect, family and friends to be visited, chores for our aging parents, taxes to prepare, medical  and dental checkups, weddings to attend...AND...trying to put some extra cash in the bank to fund the dream.  The work part is our first priority and everything else gets squeezed in between.

The fleet parked at Mom's house

For us the work part involves delivering water with our 3 military 6x6 trucks.  We have contracts with the Oregon Department of Forestry in four neighboring counties.  Fire money is good.  Very good. However, there is no guarantee for work on fires so while we wait for the lucrative fire work we deliver water around our beautiful valley to rural residents and "growers".  As the temperature rises, so does the demand for water and we make ourselves available to the customer's beckon call, ready and willing to deliver whenever they need us.  We don't make a lot of money doing simple water delivery but it does cover our on land living expenses and allows us to put a few pennies in the bank.

The new truck added to the fleet this summer. 1952 Military M35A2 6x6.

Sometimes life here during the summer seems crazy busy and almost unmanageable but we realize that we are lucky to live the life that we do and are willing to pay the price of hectic craziness for 3 months in order to live our dream the other 9.  Are we grateful?  You bet!  Are we lounging in retirement like many think?  Not even close!

We can attest that life outside of the box is worth the effort.  Live. Love. Enjoy.

For now, we had better get back to the grind.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne