Sunday, November 26, 2017

A secret cave near a lightly visited anchorage...with lobster!

I won't be disclosing the location of this particular anchorage because it is just too good to disclose.  I will say that it is in the beautiful Sea of Cortez. It is passed over by most cruisers and is therefore it sits high on our list of favorites.  I discovered this unique cave about 4 years ago while snorkeling along the coastline with my youngest son.  15' into the cave it was pitch black so we had to go back to the boat to get a dive light.  It goes in a total of maybe 150' with several small spurs leading to other caverns along the way.  Along with some nocturnal fish and a few morray eels there are lots and lots of lobster.  The first time we went into the cave this year we saw maybe 200+ of them crawling along the floors, walls and crevaces of the cave.  The GoPro footage in this video was taken on day 3 into the cave and it was a bit stirred up and defintely less populated as many of the bugs must have wandered off into deep crevaces that I couldn't see.

 Underwater looking toward the entrance.

This was taken about 80' back into the cave looking out.

Anyway, here's a look at the video. Enjoy!

Click on the pic to watch the video.

s/v Liahona
Bret and Marne


  1. Awesome job would love to be back sharing an anchorage with you. Mike & Lynda m/v Trinity Rose