Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, Bahia de Jaltemba

Today's sail to Bahia de Jaltemba was not a sail at all. haha  It was dead flat calm for the entire 5 hours.  However, we did see several whales, two of which were pretty close, maybe 200 yards away.  Fishing was awesome except for the fact that we didn't put anything on the deck. grr.  We had several hit, two of which cost us lures on the handlines that were snapped clean.

Jaltemba is a very cool little beach town tucked away at the base of the tropical mountains here on the Mexican Riviera. There are 3 or 4 distinct coves covered in white sand with colorful buildings lining the shore.  Taking the dinghy ashore we explored the town, had lunch and enjoyed strolling through the quaint little shops just a couple of streets off of the beach.  Actually we went into about 47 more shops than I would have if I were by myself but it was all good. Yes, Stephanie likes to shop the trinket tiendas. lol

The anchorage itself is a bit open to the swell so it is a bit rolly but not too bad.  Tomorrow morning we will head south to Punta de Mita which is the northern point of Banderas Bay which is home to Puerto Vallarta.  I get to see my sis, Aven and Tallen in just a few days so I'm pretty excited about that.

Speaking of sis, today is her birthday and I just wanted her to know how much I love and appreciate her.  Growing up my opinion might not been as favorable as it is at this stage in my age and time has shown me what an amazing person she is.  I love you Karla and I hope your birthday has been good and I hope you realize how many people love you and count on you amazingly loyal friendship.  Feliz Cumple!

Out for now.  Hasta manana.

Bret, Dave and Stephanie
SV Liahona

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