Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21, La Cruz

Sorry I missed yesterday's email.  Dave, Stephanie and I moved the 9 short miles down from Punta de Mita on the far northeastern shore of Banderas Bay here to La Cruz late this morning.  Puerto Vallarta is about another 9 miles to the east from here in the same bay.  The water is not the clear blue that we find in other places that are far away from big cities but it is pretty warm and there is a lot of whale activity in the bay right now as the humpbacks and other species have now calved and are getting ready to make the trip north toward Alaska.

It was AWESOME having Dave and Stephanie aboard and I was sad to see them packing their stuff this morning to get ready to fly back home this afternoon.  I think Dave's brain is more full of foreign material than back in the day when he was studying for the bar! lol.  Actually, when he arrived a week ago he was completely lost with all of the new terms, methods and nuances of sailing and today when he left, he left with a pretty clear picture of the game and spoke sailing pretty fluently. ha.  Thanks for the company guys and I look forward to the next visit!

I'm back to the singlehander business but it won't last long as I pick up Tallen, Karla and Aven tomorrow afternoon.  Can you say PUMPED?!!!  So stoked to see T3 and the Lyle girls.  We are definitely going to have some white sand, palm trees, Mexican fun!  Just sitting here on the anchor outside of Marina La Cruz there isn't too many exciting events to report so... 'til next time mis amigos!

NOTE...just a reminder because some of you are forgetting the protocol here...if and when you respond to this email or email me, PLEASE  delete the original email from me to you so that the only text being sent is your email to me.  This will keep the file size down and greatly speed up the process.  Thanks.

SV Liahona

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