Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24, Chacala

We left behind the city lights, smooth rolling surf and countless masts as we headed away from the orange glow of the early morning sunrise in Banderas Bay around 6am.  Rounding the point at Punta de Mita and heading north along the coast toward Chacala we were hopeful to see some whales along the way.  We had a slight breeze but not enough to pure sail so we ran along with the main and the diesel motor at about 5.5 knots.  The seas were calm and the sun was bright but as the hours rolled on, still no whales.  Just a week before with Dave and Stephanie we had seen multiple whales every day.  Cruising along we always drag lines and today was no exception. Two lines on rod and reel and two handlines.  Although the day was incredibly peaceful the guests were doing a little complaining that they had yet to see a whale or catch a fish.  Something about false advertising. haha.

About an hour or two short of the anchorage a nice 10-12 knot breeze came up so we shut off the motor and enjoyed the power of the wind as we whisked along nicely toward Chacala. With about an hour left to go we spotted a whale spout then breech but it was off in the far distance and although we were hoping to see it again we never did.  Just as were approaching Chacala and getting ready to take down sail and about 5 minutes after Karla made a comment that she didn't know why I bothered to put fishing lines out because I never catch anything one of the reels started zinging.  Bam!  It ran for a long time and at one point I thought we may have just hooked a stray log or something.  After about 15 minutes we finally had a nice Yellowtail next to the boat while one of his buddies followed him in and swam along side the boat as well.  A quick gaff and we had about a 25 pound Yellowtail laying on the back deck.  I did my best to filet the fish and put the prime part of the meat in the freezer so we could attempt a bit of Sashimi later tonight.

Upon arriving in Chacala, it did not disappoint.  Because I can't say it better myself I quote from the cruiser's guide..."Chacala is the quintessential anchorage most people dream about when setting sail for the warm, tropical anchorages of Pacific Mexico. It's clear blue waters lapping at a white sand beach, surrounded by lush vegetation and coconut palms makes Chacala an easy favorite on most boater's lists".  Pretty accurate description.  We sat under a thatched palm roof and enjoyed some chips, salsa, guacamole and cold sodas before going off exploring remote beaches nearby in the dinghy.

Its a good day in paradise and the crew was pleased with what mother nature served up today.  Until tomorrow my land lubber friends.

Bret, Tallen, Karla and Aven
SV Liahona

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