Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, Los Gatos

The sandstone cliffs of Los Gatos

I woke up last night to very strange sound in the Sea of Cortez...rain.  That just doesn't happen very often but the Liahona sure liked the fresh water bath. It was completely overcast this morning in Los Gatos anchorage and when I arose this morning around 6:30am the sunrise was off the charts! Amazing.  I listened to the nets on the ham radio this morning, got the weather and checked in.

Today's passage of about 40 miles to Isla San Francisco looks to be pretty quiet.  I pulled anchor around 8:30 and pointed her south in a light breeze coming from the SW.  I enjoyed a nice, light wind sail this morning and then around 10am the wind totally died and I decided to burn some fossil fuels.
I am currently about 28 miles north of my destination motoring along at about 6.2 knots on a perfectly flat sea.  It's pretty peaceful but I wish I wasn't listening to the motor. lol  In the cooler waters that we have now, about 65 degrees, the fishing is pretty dead.  I have been dragging lines now for about 5 days and haven't had a single hit.  Bummer.  Hoping that will pick up as I move south into warmer waters.  I did grab a couple lobster yesterday late afternoon  and I'm looking forward to that little feast tonight.

Last night while I was cooking on the stove it decided to shut off.  Hmm. Wasn't sure what to make of that.  After scratching my head for quite some time I finally relegated myself to finishing the cooking on the BBQ attached to the rail on the back deck.  Later in the evening I pulled out my Nigel Calder book to see if I could determine the problem and I'm pretty sure the solenoid that opens and shuts the gas off from the tanks has gone bad.  When I get to Isla SF this afternoon I think I can bypass the solenoid for now and get some gas to the stove then look for a new solenoid either in LaPaz or Cabo.

That's it for now.  Hope all is well in the land of the land lubbers. ha.  Ciao for now.

Capn' Bret
SV Liahona

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