Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4, Playa Bonanza, Isla Espiritu Santo

Well land lubbers here goes today's report. I said goodbye to my kayak friends and left Ensenada Grande this morning around 9am.  Wind was good blowing from the NW at about 9 knots.  Within 10 minutes of pulling anchor I turned the key off to the engine and I was under way with the main and the reacher doing about 5-6 knots.  But as luck would have it the wind died to about 4 knots and sometimes less.  I decided that I was in no hurry and had plenty of time to make the 21 miles south to the bottom end and southeast part of Isla Espiritu Santo so I just let 'er sail.  It was S L O W, sometimes only doing a knot or a little more.  There was another boat in front of me sailing as well and within no time Liahona had tracked her down and I was chatting with the older couple from 50' off of their port beam about 4 miles off shore.  The old guy captain was originally from Medford.  Sing along with me here..."It's a small world after all...". Crazy.  Anyway, after a short visit I sailed onward out in front of them and they soon turned more SW going to LaPaz this afternoon.

There is a reef off the end of Isla ES called San Lorenzo reef and there is a channel in between it an mainland Baja that was about 3 miles out of the way so after careful inspection of the charts I decided to cut in between the San Lorenzo reef and the bottom of Isla ES.  Luckily I was crawling along at about 2 knots and over sand because it got a little sketchy as I was only in about 15' of water under full sail.  Eeek.  Little sketch but I figured it was all sand, it was low tide and I was going a crawling pace so if somehow the charts were wrong and I rubbed the bottom I could wait a couple of hours and get outta there. haha.  Anyway, it turned out fine and all it cost me was was a few more grey hairs. lol.

Playa Bonanza is a 2 mile long, slight crescent shaped bay with all white sand.  Ya, it doesn't suck here either.  haha.  Oh...and the big news for the day...wait for it...wait for it...the water temp has officially risen above 70 degrees!  Nice!  I talked with a cruiser on the ham radio this morning that is in Puerto Vallarta and he said the water temp there is 80.  That sounds pretty delicious!

Today's fishing report...same!  Nada! Zip. Zilch. Zero.  WTH?  Good thing I have food aboard. haha.  Anyway, this email is pretty long so I better say adios.

SV Liahona

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