Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3, Isla San Francisco

Well kids...I am safely anchored here at Isla San Francisco about a 5 hour sail north of La Paz.  The last half of the day turned out quite nice with a gentle 8-10 knot breeze.  With the reacher and the main out and the motor quiet I was cruising along at about 4-5 knots all the way into the anchorage.  I got skunked again on the fishing scene but I'll keep trying.  Just on today's 7-8 hour run the water temp went from around 65ish to 69ish...it's feeling better. ha  I wish I could send a pic of this anchorage, it is beautiful.  When I arrived I dropped the paddle board in the water for a little daily exercise and paddled all the way around this crescent shaped bay that is lined with white sand beaches and famous for its puka shells.  Paddling along I could see the fish swimming along the sand below me through the aqua waters.  Ok, ya...I'm not hating it here. lol

Once I got the anchor down I had an important task to sort out...the LP gas situation.  It was actually easier than I thought.  After a little testing it indeed was the solenoid so I pulled it out of the loop all together and plumbed the stove direct to the tank via the high pressure valve.  All good, it works perfectly.  I do need to get another solenoid because it is like a safety valve, if there is a leak, it shuts off the flow.  For now I just have to make sure and shut off the valve at the tank just to be safe...even though I checked all of the joints and there are no leaks.

Ok, don't be hatin' but to celebrate such a nice place I busted out one of the two lobsters I snagged back at Los Gatos.  On the barbie, basted in garlic butter with a side of garlic spuds and poblano peppers.  It didn't suck!  haha.  I'm definitely not alone here, there are 11 other boats in the bay with me.  The bay is huge though and there is plenty of room.  Actually, this place could hold 4-5 times as many boats easily so its not like we are stacked on top of one another.  Just others out doin' the same thing...trying to enjoy the beauty here in the Sea of Cortez on a very relaxed basis.

Well, that concludes a pretty darn good day.  Hope all is well back on the homefront.  Definitely missing Marne and my family!

SV Liahona

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