Friday, April 3, 2015

April 3, La Cruz

Hidden Beach, Banderas Bay

Here goes another quick report with not much happening here in La Cruz except sunshine, warm water and some boat chores.  This morning I dinghied in to the marina and took a walk into town to get some things from the Mini Super.  Upon my return I decided to give the boat a complete wash down with fresh water. Ahhh...I could almost hear here sighing. lol.  After the wash I jumped overboard and took a little bath myself but didn't splurge on the fresh water. ha.  Feeling refreshed I spent an hour or so polishing some of the stainless, final cutting to length the new main furling line and marking all of the furling lines, outhauls and halyards.  

Around noon I started up the watermaker to top off the tanks and noticed a slight clicking noise that wasn't there before so I shut things down and started investigating.  Belts are good, no obvious leaks anywhere and the oil level is good but needs to be changed. However, it takes a special high pressure synthetic pump oil that I don't have enough of so I think I will wait on the oil change and possibly take the entire unit home with me in May and do a rebuild on it at home.  Hopefully nothing goes crazy with it over the next month.

The last few days here in Banderas Bay it has been really windy in the afternoons but today it is dead calm, about 87 degrees and a little sticky.  However, the weather is supposed to change starting early next week.  According the the weather guy here on the radio the Sea of Cortez is going to be "on fire" (pretty blustery) starting Tuesday or Wednesday and continuing through the end of the week.  Not necessarily great news as Marne and I will be heading north toward Mazatlan then crossing over to Cabo and all of those winds will be funneling down the Sea of Cortez and spilling into the Pacific where we will be.  Not a major ordeal. We will head north to Chacala or San Blas then sit out the northerly winds before heading up to Isla Isabella, Mazatlan and finally over to Cabo.  Will keep you informed as to how all the weather plays out.

Ciao for now.

SV Liahona

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