Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23, Isla San Francisco

Today we find ourselves at Isla San Francisco.  A reasonably small island, maybe a mile and a half long, north of the town of La Paz by about 40 miles. We were going to stop at Isla Espiritu Santo today but it is completely overcast and we had favorable winds so we kept on sailing to here.  We will most likely head over tomorrow to the mainland Baja to a small fishing village called Evaristo to pick up some fresh fish and maybe some basic groceries like beans and possibly some vegetables.  There is no grocery store there but there are a couple of garage/shacks that the owners sell a few things out of.  

Arriving here at SF Clint and I took a dinghy ride around the point to a small beach on the other side (Tarren, you know exactly where that is...) where we found about 10 homeless looking guys camped on the beach.  Mexican fisherman that campout for a few days, get some fish then head back to town to sell it.  We wound up buying some lobsters from them.  8 HUGE lobsters for $40.  At $5 each we thought we did well.  So you can imagine what we are having for dinner tonight. lol

Fishing report - we caught 2 fish today but unfortunately they were both Bonita so we tossed 'em back.  However, catching non keepers is WAY better than not catching at all.

Back pain - my lower back is still pretty sore but it seems to be getting better.  At least I can handle it with only Ibuprophen which doesn't leave me feeling like I'm just coming down from some big bender.  I'm very happy about that because the last couple days were hell.  As for the boat my only fix this afternoon is the salt water pump.  No worky, so I need to dig in and see if I can figure it out.  I think it isn't getting power, we'll see.

That's a wrap on another day in Baja aboard the SV Liahona.  Ciao for now.

Bret, Clint and friends,
SV Liahona

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