Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, Bahia de Matanchen, San Blas

After pulling the anchor before it was yet light we quietly slipped away from Punta de Mita, around the northwestern point of Banderas Bay and headed toward Bahia Chacala in the wee hours of the morning.  There was no wind.  The water was calm and glassy and the beginnings of light were just starting to reveal themselves as Marne slept down below trying to catch up from a sleepless night in the Denver Airport.  As a rule, I am not a morning person but there is something about being on the water as the sun makes it's first appearance for the day over the eastern skyline.  Pretty impressive and something that I definitely don't take for granted.  I know that I am one of the few lucky ones.

Marne awoke around 7:30 or 8:00 and joined me in the cockpit as we motored along in the quiet of the morning up the Mexican coastline.  Around 9am a nice little breeze came up so we put out the main and the reacher, shut off the motor and sailed along in about 6-12 knots of wind toward Chacala.  The wind stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon and slightly clocked around until it was a perfect beam reach.  Myself, Marne and not a single sound except for the water slipping past the hull through the aqua blue water. The gentle breeze stayed with us all the way until we pulled into the small bay lined with date palms and white sand beaches that make up Bahia Chacala.

We put the dinghy in the water and motored ashore weaving our way through throngs of swimmers, families that have come to Chacala to celebrate La Semana Santa.  After walking the cobblestone streets we finally took a table at a small beach restaurant to have a taste of Chacala's famous smoked fish.  We had red snapper that is filleted in half with multiple diagonal cuts to soak up the garlic butter, lime, salt and other seasonings that they put on it as they slowly cook it over the smoldering, smoky coals.  I have been eying those smoked fish the last two times I visited here and I can honestly say I was NOT disappointed!  It was crazy delicious.

After a bite we bought some fresh vegies and fruits from a local market and then successfully pushed the dinghy out through the surf and back to the boat.  Tonight we will make an attempt at some lobster in the same area that I had success before.  Oh, the fishing report...well, there is nothing to report.  We drug lines all day and didn't have a single hit.  However, we did see a couple of whales breaching in the distance about 2 miles off toward the east.

Bret and Marne
SV Liahona

Tanner - A big shout out to my number one son!  Tanner turns 25 today!  Sorry I am not there to celebrate with you pal, I hope you have a fantastic day and always know that I am SO proud to be you dad.  Love you forever...and then some more!  

Karla - The smoked fish was amazing!

Everyone - HAPPY EASTER!

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