Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15, Bahia Frailes

Tax day? What?  I have no idea what you are talking about!  haha.  Another nice, quiet day in Frailes.  As I mentioned yesterday, Frailes has the appearance of common but it is anything but that.  Marne and I went back around the point to spend some time in the underwater world of the sea lions.   We also snorkeled several other spots, hoping to see some turtles that others reported seeing but we weren't so lucky.  The afternoon found us doing some boat chores mixed in with some relaxation of course.  

Last night's dive report - we scooped up two lobsters that will find their way onto our plates tonight.  Fishing report - I forgot to give fishing report for the crossing. We got zip! haha.  Actually that had a lot to do with the fact that we had an awesome sail and it is very difficult to fish when you are under full sail doing 6-8 knots.  Without the ability to slow things down quickly it makes it almost impossible to actually land the fish so we rarely had any lines out.  As for current weather we have some white, whispy clouds up high with daytime temperatures in the mid 80s. Winds have been mild, around 5-8 knots from the east.  The pool temp has dropped since crossing over although it sits at a perfectly comfortable 72 degrees. I dove last night for about 40 minutes and never thought twice about it.  I will leave the rest of this report up to your imagination...and please, don't dream small! lol

Bret and Marne
SV Liahona

Mom - Today I set out a clear plasic, gallon water container with some Caffree tea bags.  Good ole sun tea just like the old days!  Brought back some pretty good memories.  Love you and dad so much and I am so grateful for how I was raised and all of the things that we did as a family.  It has everything to do with where life has taken me and the life I am so enjoying right now.  Life on the Liahona lives on! Thank you!  I owe it all to you and dad.  

Clinton - Hope your bags are packed pally cuz ur out soon bro!  Ah hell, you are probably gonna hate it and go home all dejected wondering what to dream about now that you realize how much the cruising life sucks. How does one handle such disappointment?  You might need counseling when you return.

Dave - I am thinking tentatively to haul out on May 26 in the afternoon.  That would mean I would be crossing over from the Baja side between the 21st  and the 24th...ish.  Most likely you won't have a lot of time so you would need to get yourself to Mulege most likely.  I don't know if you can fly there but you can fly to Loreto and bus up.  The bus would only be a couple of hours...I think. Also, what were your plans to get back home? Ride with me to Tucson or Phoenix and fly home or try to fly out of Hermosillo which is about an hour from San Carlos?  Let me know what you are thinking.

Sydney - Yo Boo Bear!  Your mom misses you so much and although she doesn't like the idea of leaving here she is excited to see you.  She would love to hear from you.  Hugs from us.

Catherine - We love your emails.  You are our most faithful respondent. haha.  Your daughter will be home soon. Too soon for her I am quite sure.

Dr. Duck - Loved the email!  You had us cracking up, especially Marne who actually got all of your inside jokes. I am sorry to inform you but I will be stealing her away from you in the very near future.  You can punish me later.

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