Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, Bahia de los Muertos

This morning found us in the dinghy early and around the corner from the anchorage in Bahia de Frailes to see the sea lions where Clint Kari and Katie swam with the sea lions for a half hour or so.  I didn't get into the water because it is a National Marine park and we are not allowed to drop an anchor so I was the dinghy man.  All good, I have swam with them several times now.  We got back to the boat around 10:30 or so, pulled anchor and headed north toward Bahia de los Muertos (Bay of the dead). There is no town here, just a restaurant on the beach, a boat ramp and a few homes along the shoreline.  Funny story, this place actually has two names.  Bahia de los Muertos is the original name and still listed that way on all of the maps but several years ago some wealthy developers came in and wanted to develop the bay and surrounding area with upscale homes, a golf course, the whole Maryanne.  The developers did not think that Bay of the Dead was very marketable so they named it the Bay of Dreams which is the nomenclature that is on the sign at the restaurant and the entrance to the failed residential development area.  Like many of the development projects in Mexico, it never came to fruition and now is just visited by cruisers and local fisherman.  Maybe a rename is in order...The Bay of Broken Dreams.  I always wonder what happened to someone's "great idea".

We enjoyed another rare day of southeast winds today that pushed us along nicely on a broad reach.  It was a bit of a long day that found us finally dropping anchor around 6pm.  We decided to check out the restaurant and sitting in the thatched roof building we were not disappointed with an excellent meal followed by vanilla ice cream and flan.  

We are anchored next to about an 80' power boat called "Snow Bored" from Park City Utah with a University of Utah Flag flying off the bow.  Soon after we dropped our anchor next to them they hailed us on the radio and said that being from Utah they were kind of obligated to at least say hello to a vessel with the name Liahona. lol.

Fishing report - Zip! Again! Grr!  However, we met some gringos at dinner that come down here to fish and they hooked us up with some lures and tips so we are hoping for better results tomorrow.  

Wildlife report - Several turtle sightings as we went past the Pulmo Reef National Marine Reserve area.  Other than that we just enjoyed a peaceful sail downwind on a flat sea with beautiful blue water.  

Bret, Clint and friends
SV Liahona

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