Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30, Puerto Escondido

I'm going to try to make today's report short.  It was a short hop up from Agua Verde to Escondido, only 23 miles.  The ocean looked like a mill pond, perfectly flat, glassy and zero wind.  So the trip today was pure diesel power.  I did put the reacher out for about 45 minutes near the end but only to help the motor a little with the 4-5 knots that was coming from the starboard beam.  Not much to report on the trip, no dolphins, no fish on the lines.  However, just before getting to Escondido I did get a pretty good hit on one of the lines but that is all it was, a hit.

Loreto Fest is held every year here in Puerto Escondido the first weekend in May.  I have never been so I thought it might be fun to see what it is all about.  Cruisers from all of the Sea of Cortez come to help clean up around the bay and then enjoy a couple of days of activities and get togethers.  After getting settled I counted 35 sailboats and several other power boats here in the bay.  One noteworthy event was the buoy I was assigned. (Everyone here in the bay is moored on a buoy and they are all numbered). Wait for it...wait for it...number 112!  Providential!  And no, I didn't get to pick it out.  It just happened that way.  Gotta love that and rest assured I did get some pics of the best looking buoy in all of Puerto Escondido. lol.  

The other piece of noteworthy news is that Gregg Watt is coming down!  It was literally a last minute thing.  He bought his ticket yesterday and he will be here tomorrow afternoon.  Gregg is one of my best friends from college.  Pretty excited to spend some time here around the islands near Loreto with him.  See you tomorrow my friend!

Not much else to report so I will sign off for today.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona

Tarren - I was in Agua Verde (one of our fav spots) yesterday and went ashore to this new little hut restaurant on the beach for some fish tacos.  It is run by a group of women and along with the food they sell various shells, jewelry, etc.  I was the only one there and was talking with them and also playing with their kids. They asked about my kids and I told them about you and your bros. When I went to leave they showed me this large abalone looking shell with other shells glued around the rim of it, like a jewelry dish, and asked if I thought it was fea or bonita.  Of course I said it was bonita, that it wasn't really my style but that girls would really like it.  They insisted that I take it as a gift for you, my daughter.  Typical latinas, so kind and giving.  I promised them that I would get it to you and that you would love it.  So I have a gift for you and you will need to thank them in person one day when you are onboard again.  Love you mucho!

 The restaurant in Agua Verde

 My fish tacos almost ready...

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