Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24, Isla San Francisco

It's been a lazy day here at Isla San Francisco.  Anchored in the southern most bight of the island that is shaped like a giant hook protecting those anchoring here from almost 3 sides.  To the north and to the south there are tall, bright red rock cliffs that are connected together by a white sand beach that appears to be about a mile long.  A short walk to the top of the sand berm on the beach and you can easily see the other side flanked by the Sea of Cortez stretching out to the east as far as one can see.  To the west of the anchorage it is a short 4 miles or so across the sea to mainland Baja which is marked by the striated mountains reaching 2,000-3000' up into the clear, arid Baja air.  The mountains are mainly redish but striated with white, brown, black and other colors blending in between the very visible layers.  From the anchorage in San Francisco as the sun goes down out to the west the mountains are a stark contrast of black sillouettes rising above the ocean into the orange, red and pink skies.  I think it is one of my favorite anchorages.

In contrast to the sheer beauty of this place are the times when wealthy Mexicans roll in their mega yachts blaring music until the early hours of the next day and the ever constant running of their large generators that power all of their excess.  Such was the case last night.  A 80' ish motor yacht with about 15 people aboard, most of them in their 20s singing at the top of their lungs to annoying Mexican pop music.  That lasted until just past 1:30am.  The generator never stopped, nor has it since they motored in late yesterday afternoon.  Today the wakeboard boat sized dinghy and jet skiies were unloaded, pop up tents set up on the beach and the Mexican good life continues. We happen to the be lucky ones anchored just 75 yards away from them on the north end of the anchorage.  Yes, every rose has a thorn.

For us, it has been a day of hiking, snorkeling, exploring and sun bathing.  Well, that was the guests itinerary.  I chose to stay behind to take care of some casual boat chores.  A brief bottom cleaning, scraping off the occasional barnacle, working on the salt water pump, which was officially deemed dead, burned up, seized, not sure but definitely dead, making water and somewhere in between taking a relaxing nap. I also spent some time getting to know our other neighbor, a couple from Washington on a 43' Cheoy Lee.

Last night we celebrated Katie's 41st birthday by feasting on 4 enormous lobster, it did not suck.  Tonight on the menu is marinated Arrachera steak and grilled spuds.  The sun is bright, the water clear and once again I am grateful for the life I get to live.  Ciao for now.

Bret, Clint and friends,
SV Liahona

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