Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7, Isla Corodados

This morning we took a short cruise into Loreto about 10 miles away.  In Loreto we went to the bus station to check on schedules for Gregg then off to the plaza for a pretty tasty pizza and all you can eat tacos.  A quick trip to Ley (the grocery store) then the walk back to the docks.  Loreto is not really a place to anchor overnight as there is no protection.  Cruisers call that a "roadstead anchorage".  After putting the dinghy away we pulled anchor, tossed out a reefed main and genoa and we were off to Isla Coronados which lies a short 8 miles to the north of town.  On the sail we spotted a catamaran that was running full sail and to my surprise we easily caught him, pulled aside mid-sail, said hello then sailed off in front of him.  I have no idea what kind of catamaran it was but it definitely was not very fast as I was sailing faster with a reefed main and genny and he was under full sail.  That was my probably my highlight of the day. lol.

The cathedral in Loreto

We sailed all the way into the anchorage here at Isla Coronados just enjoying the day quiet and peaceful.  There are about 12 other boats anchored here and we have already met a few of them.  Gotta love that cruising community.  Everybody is here under the same basic pretense...take life easy and enjoy the beauty along the way. Most likely we will hang out here tomorrow and do some exploring.  Coronados is an old volcano and the shores are either white sand or black or red cinder.  The bay where we are anchored is very well protected in all directions except from the west and nearing the beach it looks like a postcard.  Shallow, clear waters covering soft white sand.  It's not a bad place to be. Not at all.
Talking with friends Diane and Bill from SV True Love

Bret and Gregg
SV Liahona

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