Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12, San Janico... In the rain

Not a typical day in Baja California.  It's raining and has been for most of the afternoon.  It is actually kind of nice just taking care of a few inside boat chores, making fresh orange juice and watching movies.  My big chore today was to empty the galley cabinets, clean them out and reorganize.  Along the way, I took care of a constant problem.  In the cabinets I have some of that rubbery non stick material laid down so dishes, pots, pans, spices and whatever else resides there doesn't move around while under way.  However, they were just laid in there and so they tend to get pushed around, wadded up and generally messing with my chronic OCD. lol.  Gluing the non skid mats down so they stay in place was my primary purpose, the cleaning and organization were just bi-products of the principal objective.  

The rain is quite unusual here in the desert but very welcomed.  I will never turn down a free, fresh water boat rinse.  Around 1pm today I just sat out in the cockpit and enjoyed the beauty of the rain.  There is a slight 5-10 knot breeze out of the southwest and the temperature is a comfortable 75 degrees.

Amazingly enough, my finger is not very sore today.  I thought for sure it would be extremely tender for a few days.  However, I think I may have damaged some nerves at the tip of the finger because most of my fingertip is basically numb and even though I probably overdosed the little guy I'm pretty sure that Xylocaine doesn't last for 2 days. haha

The guy on the cat that I blew past and talked to mid sail about 3 days ago going into Isla Coronados with Gregg is here in San Juanico and invited me over for some snacks around 5pm. I am hoping the rain will stop so my paddle over to his boat is reasonably dry.  Not much else to report so I will wrap it up.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona

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