Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19, Sweet Pea Cove, Isla San Marcos

Pretty laid back day here on Isla San Marcos.  Our friends on the FP 46' cat left this morning so it is just us and a French couple in a blue monohull. In case you were wondering, captain Frenchie does have and wear a Speedo. LOL.  This morning we took a trip over to our lobster cave and extracted a few more samples for the freezer. However, it was low tide and I was unable to get to a few spots because there wasn't enough water to allow access.  We did come home with 6 or 7 more though after a short 20 minutes.  On our way to the cave I spotted another fin and quickly identified it as another billfish.  Once we were on it we realized it indeed was a billfish but definitely different than the one we saw yesterday.  The fish we saw yesterday was a black marlin and this one was a striped marlin.  It was gorgeous and marked with flourecent blue vertical stripes and it was also quite a bit larger, this one being about 7' long.  We busted back to the boat to grab a rod and reel to maybe snag it but when we went back out to the area we couldn't find it.  After the cave we headed back home. By the time we got back to the boat it was noon so we decided that lobster burritos sounded pretty good for lunch.  

Tallen went for an afternoon run through the neighboring hills while I stayed behind and read a book.  Later in the afternoon we returned to the honey hole and this time Tallen decided he was up for going into the cave.  He thought it was cool but by the looks of him he did not seem very comfortable in there. haha.  The numbers are definitely thinning but I grabbed a few lobsters by hand and we headed back.  The water temperature today is definitely cooler.  I am not sure if it was the wind or tides that brought the cooler water to us.  Tonight I think lobster is on the menu again, haha, this time I think I will make a lobster spaghetti.  Tallen says it sounds good so we are going to go for it.  Anyway, that is a wrap on another good day in the Sea of Cortez.

Bret and Tallen
SV Liahona

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