Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, Buenaventura

This morning Tallen and I decided to visit the in-laws down in Buenaventura, about a hour and a half sail further south into the Bay of Conception.  Nathan's dad Mark was there and it was good to see him.  His wife is up visiting family in Ensenada and Nathan is in San Diego so it is just him and the cook Berta and it sounds like he doesn't really like running the show there. haha.  Anyway, I had a bacon burger and Tallen had a delicious fish sandwich with pesto.  

The beach at Buenaventua

We were there with some friends off of a Morgan 45 called Miss Teak.  The wind started coming up out of the north so we decided we had better pull anchor and get back up to Santispac as the anchorage there is not very good and offers no protection except from the west.  Earlier when Tallen and I got to the beach in the dinghy I had Tallen help me pull the dinghy up the beach and turn it around so the bow was facing the water.  That way if the wind or swell picked up it wouldn't crash over the stern and into the dinghy.  Our friends Chip and Katie were not quite as prepared and when we got back to the dinghies there were 2' waves crashing over the back of their dinghy and it was completely full of water.  Yikes.  We grabbed a bucket and helped them bail the water out then headed on our way.
Heading north from Buenaventura

On the short trip back up to Santispac we had 5 or 6 very large dolphins come visit us along the way.  Two of them hung with us for about 10 minutes.  Tallen was filming them with the GoPro and they seemed very curious about the object that was just above the water turning their heads sideways for long periods of time so they could see what it was.  We got some great photos and videos of them before they headed off another direction.  

At 5pm we were invited over to Nauticat for some horderves (I know that must be spelled wrong) with a couple other boat and we enjoyed good company while we talked and watched more dolphins swimming around the boat.  It has been a bit windy today but all in all...a pretty good day and according to Tallen "day one was a success". haha.  Ciao for now.

Bret and Tallen
SV Liahona

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