Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23, Haul out chores...

In Bahia San Carlos just taking care of the multitude of chores that have to be done before the boat gets put away.  This morning I was at the fuel dock bright and early top off the tanks and wash the boat with fresh water.  I spent about an hour and a half with the hose washing everything from the hull to the decks and all the way up to the top of the sails.  The sails can get a little tricky as you have the entire sail unfurled while you are tied to the dock and it can get a little dicey if the wind comes up.  This morning it was pretty calm so all went well.

Other chores included taking cushions to my upholstery guy for a few adjustments, getting polish and wax for the decks and stainless, getting a new bolt for the bottom of the main sheet block (one that broke about a month ago and I had it jury rigged until now), washing and hanging to dry all of the lines and sheets, putting away all of the fishing and snorkeling gear, washing all of the towels on board, going through groceries to find out what stays and what goes and probably a few other items that I forgot.  It was a fairly busy day and now we are settling in for a good dinner.  Tallen is making some fresh guacamole and then tonight we are going to finish up the 6 lobsters that we have in the fridge.  Put that with some steak and potatoes and it won't suck. ha.  

That's about it for today my friends. My time here is short and although it is going to be great to see family and friends I'm definitely going to be a little sad leaving her behind and on dry dock for the next 4 months.  Ciao for now.

Bret and Tallen
SV Liahona

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