Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14, Santispac

Well I'm about to watch the sun go down on another day in the Sea of Cortez.  Pretty mellow day here allowing me to clean up a few things and do some reading while the strong southerly winds blow.  I was going to go into Mulege today with some Mexican friends on the beach that own Ana's Restaurant but I traded that ride in for a ride tomorrow into Loreto to pick up Tallen.  I'm smiling right now...  Sometimes that little chap can really aggravate me with his habit of procrastination, haha, but I am stoked that he is coming.  About a week ago I threw out an email to him encouraging him to make a quick trip down to see his pops.  However, at the time I was in Loreto and planning on heading north.  I told him to get back to me the next day at the latest. Well, I didn't hear from him until yesterday.  Assuming that he was writing to tell me the obvious; that he wouldn't be able to make it, I was shocked when he said he wanted to come.  The problem with his good news is that it came about a 3 day's sail north of Loreto.  lol

Well, we have worked out the details and my local friends are going to take me down to Loreto to pick him up.  Sometimes the things that seem impossible are the ones that we enjoy the most.  I guess it is a little premature to think that way but I am excited to have Tallen come down, spend some time aboard, help me cross and then put the boat away.  His help will be greatly appreciated.

The rabid bee story has been swirling around the radio nets here in the central sea and many are curious as to what exactly happened.  The other boat that was behind me by a couple hours is now anchored next to me here in Santispac and they had a very similar experience, being swarmed twice during the course of their afternoon sailing.  As it turns out we believe that they are actually a fly, not a bee.  Some sort of angry fly that swarms objects due to some sort of ferremone or something.  The wife got bit (not stung) several times as well and they were in a bit more of a predicament than myself because they have no autopilot and were left to contend with the nasty buggers while they piloted the boat.  Yikes, that is a nightmare straight out of a sci-fi movie.  After comparing stories we believe that they were attracted to what they thought was some sort of a hive as they both seemed to swarm first the round radar dome at the back of the boat then once gathered spread out and covered the area being particularly attracted to things that were dark in color.  Hmmm.  What you get to experience on the sea! 

Another day in the books here aboard the Liahona.  All that is left now is to make a simple meal and enjoy it while I watch the sun go down.  Not a bad task to end the day with.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona

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