Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15, Santispac

The Eagle has landed! (See what I did there? Tallen/eagle talon...I think you get it... haha) Ok, I realize that I am kind of a strange character sometimes. lol. After an hour and a half drive in the back of my Mexican friend's car we picked up the little man and drove back here to Playa Santispac.  So good to have him here!  Driving  from down Hwy 1 south to Loreto I was amazed at the vast, open spaces covered only in rocks, cactus and several other thorned plants.  Every so often we would pass a small ranchito where a family lives.  The house is made of scraps of plywood and tin, a fence with second hand wire wound around crooked sticks.  A broken car or two out front and an old pick up that is probably their only running vehicle.  A couple of starving, skinny dogs, a few chickens, may a cow or two.  Kids scampering around in the dirt.  Simple. Living hand to mouth is all they know.  For the most part, they are happy.  More miles goes by then another ranchito that is a slightly different version of the last one.  

As we follow down the delapidated highway toward Loreto I am astounded at the stark, desolate beauty of this country.  Rocky bluffs line the horizon with the noble looking saugaro cactus rising out of the dried desert land.  There is a raw beauty here. One that I can appreciate and be grateful for.  

As for now, I am struggling putting my thoughts together to write this blog because I am distracted having Tallen here. All smiles for the captain today.  Until tomorrow.  

Bret and Tallen
SV Liahona

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