Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2, Puerto Escondido

Day 2 of Loreto Fest in the books and done.  Today they had a little swap meet, which by the way, I was very interested in.  I'm always looking to pick up needed or wanted gear for cheap.  Today did not disappoint.  I bought two blocks with jam cleats that I am going to use to make a Barber hauler with which is tackle that allows me to fine tune whichever headsail I happen to be flying.  I also bought a pretty nice fish fillet knife for 50 pesos, about $4 and for the best treasure of the day...a spear gun.  I have been looking for a while now and found a really nice one.  Tarren, Nathan would be proud as I am now the owner of a teak Riffe speargun complete with a float line. Pretty much just like his but one size smaller.  He will be pumped that I have joined the Riffe speargun family. ha.  

I took care of several chores on the boat today then around 3:30pm I got a call on the VHF from the marina.  When I answered they surprised me by then handing Gregg the mic and he made some sarcastic comment about hurrying up to pick him up, he was tired of waiting. I had no idea he had arrived. Yes, Gregg is here!  He is a trooper. After the flight situation fell through he jumped on a bus and after a short (haha) 30 hours later, he is here in Baja.  Right now he is up in the cockpit drooling on himself sleeping...I guess he didn't sleep much over the last day and a half. lol.  But he is here and we will head out tomorrow to spend some time at the islands nearby.  btw Marne, he sends a big thank you and told me how awesome you are and how you took over the communications to let me know of all of the changes.  I told him you are the bomb, which you are!  

Gregg is a huge fight fan and evidently the Mayweather vs. Paqueo (spelling unkown, ha) is tonight so it looks like we are going to hitch a ride with the store owner into Loreto to watch the fight then grab a cab back later tonight.  Tomorrow we will see where the wind takes us but most likely we will head over to Isla Danzante for a day or so.  Tarren and I scored some good sized lobsters there several months ago so we are hoping to maybe take advantage of that.  That's it for today my friends.  Ciao for now.

Bret and Gregg
SV Liahona

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