Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Quick Blow Down to Isla Coronados

Even though San Juanico rates as one of our favorite anchorages and is beautiful beyond reasonable description, we were getting antsie and wanted to move along to a different venue.  When the ham net was over around 8am this morning we jumped in the dinghy to say a short lived good bye to our friends anchored there with us knowing that we will run across them again soon enough.  After a little bit of tidying up the boat and getting ready to leave the protection of the bay, we drew up the anchor, rolled out the sails and headed east out of the bay and then turned southeast toward Isla Coronados which lays a short 23 miles away.

The wind was light to moderate for the first hour or so then picked up to 15-20+ knots coming from the NNW.  That left us to run dead downwind with the wind and swell.  We had a pretty good blow last night which left the seas a bit bumpy but the 2-4' swells were running with the wind southward so it really wasn't too bad.  Running dead downwind is not my favorite point of sail nor is it the fastest for us but it is FAR better than beating into it.  Complaining about going dead downwind would be like saying that your cookie is not soft enough.  It is still a damn cookie!  So enjoy it!
Reppin the 112 south of the border!

On the run down we had a full mainsail prevented out to the port side and a full genoa flying to the starboard.  Sailors call it running wing on wing.  If the wind is shifty it can be a bit tricky because you have to pay constant attention to keeping the wind as nearly directly behind you as possible.  If you don't, one of the two sails will back fill (get wind from the wrong side of the sail) and you will have a bit of a cluster until you correct your direction.  

As we rolled along we were dragging 4 lines with a variety of lures trying to attract some dinner aboard.  No luck.  Not even a strike.    Oh well, that is the way it goes.  Coronados offers a couple of anchorages, one for northerly wind protection and another for southerly and easterly.  By the time we got here it was blowing over 20 knots but as we tucked along the southern most side of the island the water was flat even though the wind continued to howl.  Two other boats are anchored here, one we have met and one not.  I'm sure we will change that later this evening.  

A quick note about Isla Coronados.  The island is an inactive volcano and approximately 2 miles long by 1 mile wide and sits just 6 miles north of the popular fishing town of Loreto.  Most of the shoreline is volcanic rock but here on the south end the rock has been ground down by the sea over hundreds of years providing a beautiful white sand bottom and a shoreline of scattered sand and rock.  It is, like most other places here, beautiful.  We plan to stay here for a couple of days until the wind subsides enough to pop over to Loreto to buy some supplies.  Not counting buying the shrimp up at Isla San Marcos, it will be the first pesos spent on provisioning since we left San Carlos.  I like that part. A lot!  No towns, no stores, no money spent.  A simple formula that suits us just fine.

Until next time.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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