Sunday, November 1, 2015

Loreto for some provisions

Delicious home made pizza last night...Marne is the bomb!

After the net this morning we made a quick decision to head SW the 6 miles to Loreto in order to grab a few provisions.  Loreto has no protection so it is not a place to stay overnight.  Most just anchor there in the early morning, go into town to get their supplies then head out before the afternoon winds kick up.  Our trip was no different.  The walk to the Ley (large grocery store chain here in Mexico) is about a half mile or so through the quaint little fishing town of Loreto.  Once at the store it is tempting to fill the basket but thinking about the hike back to the the dinghy carrying all of those groceries keeps your shopping in check.

All told we spent about $45 on some fresh veggies and other things that we had on our list.  Most groceries are fairly inexpensive unless they are imported brands from the states.  Stuff like avocados are ridiculously cheap at about 75 cents for a kilo, that is 2.2 lbs.!  We also picked up two big bunches of bananas that we peeled, split and put on the food dryer as soon as we got to the boat.

Upon departure we had two options, head north back to Isla Coronados or south to Puerto Escondido and Isla Danzante.  If winds were right we were going to head back to Coronados.  However, the wind disagreed so we threw out a headsail and pointed south in 15 knots of wind behind us that brought us to Isla Danzante about 2 hours later.  Danzante lies just a couple miles due east of Puerto Escondido and is definitely on our favorites list.  There was one boat in the anchorage when we got here but it pulled anchor and left just as we were coming in so we have the place to ourselves.  Heaven!  

A quick snorkel around the beautiful rocks and reefs and then back to to the boat where I had to fix the hawes pipe that leads the chain from the windlass to the chain locker below.  The sealant had broke loose and needed to be redone.  Not a big deal and a half hour later the daily chores were done and Marne and I are now just relaxing here in the cabin enjoying this beautiful place.  On the menu tonight are the last two lobsters that we got from Isla San Marcos along with a few other fixins.  Danzante has provided some excellent lobster diving in the past and we are hoping to refill the coffers over the next night or two. Hopefully the wind calms down enough for me to want to want to actually get into the water in the darkness of the night and see what might be crawling around on the ocean floor.  We will have to see how that plays out.

Another day, another dose of pure gratitude for the life we are able to live.  Wherever this post finds you, look around, there is plenty to be grateful for wherever you are.  Recognize, smile, enjoy.  Get some.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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