Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hiding from the wind at Isla San Francisco

So this is day two hiding from the winds and waves here in the protection of Isla San Francisco.  I have sat out a few northers in various locations along the Baja coastline but I don't remember any this strong.  A normal norther is usually 15-25 knots of wind and lasts 1-3 days.  This norther has brought 25-35 knot winds and is now approaching it's third day.  For a little nautical knowledge, 35 knots if officially categorized as a gale. So we have had gale force winds for two plus days now.  Here in the bay we haven't seen more than 25 knots and the water is basically calm except for the little bit of refractive swell that wraps around the rocky point forming the northwest side of the anchorage.  We are happy with our decision to leave San Evaristo when we did as we have gotten reports from our friends who stayed behind that they had up to 40 knots in the bay.  

Even with the wind, Isla San Francisco is gorgeous!  A huge half moon bay maybe 3/4 of a mile long with white sand beaches and huge, red rock cliffs towering up on all sides.  The bay itself is somewhat shallow and is all sand which casts a clear, aqua tint to the water making it look like you are in swimming pool with a bright blue bottom.

Today we hiked up the cliffs to the south of the bay and got some amazing pictures of the boat anchored some 500' below us.  Marne has been a wee bit bored so yesterday she baked some delicious zucchini, carrot bread and today she is currently baking some chocolate, oatmeal bars.  I know...right?  Living in paradise with a gorgeous but sometimes bored cook who fills her time with preparing all sorts of deliciousness!  

Hanging out with friends high above the anchorage.

The norther should start abating tomorrow but we will wait yet another day to move farther south so the seas can calm a bit.  Hopefully Saturday we will move down to Isla Espiritu Santo and then on to La Paz on Sunday before the next gale force norther is expected to blow through on Tuesday.  In La Paz we have a few things to do...check into Mexican permanent or semi-permanent residency, get a fishing rod repaired as well as the speargun, hopefully find an inexpensive option for internet on the boat, and finally, find an electrical expert to source our battery and solar issues.  Everything is working but something doesn't seem right with the amount of input from the large solar array we have and also the batteries seem to be losing voltage quicker than they should throughout the day.  Hopefully we can get that sorted out.

Most likely we will spend Thanksgiving in La Paz.

Out with clout!

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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