Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Marne's new world.... SCUBA

Not Scuba here but a great cave nonetheless.

Yes, there is another world that exists beyond the boundaries of the air that we breathe, the underwater world.  Today Marne discovered that realm.  After graduating from the Bret Mitchell school of diving (an intense 5-15 minute course that only a few have completed... Craig Lyle and Ken Earl are some of the early graduates) we strap a tank on your back and head down.  At this point Catherine is probably seriously worried about the safety of her daughter but no worries mom...we've got this handled.  And it is not as crazy as it may sound.  She started in 4' of water and figured things out before heading down to a conservative 15-20' for her first official dive.  She loved it and can't wait to do more!

Last night before going to bed Marne and I were sitting up in the cockpit looking at the stars and talking, taking in the amazing beauty and apparent closeness of the stars that seem so fewer and so much farther away if you are observing them from somewhere that has much more light pollution than here in remote Baja California.  As we were talking Marne said "shooting star" as she saw a star streaking across the sky.  I didn't jump up because I knew that in 1-2 seconds it would be all over with.  WRONG!  On my side of the bimini covering directly above our heads I saw the streaker burning across the sky.  It was unbelievable. It covered about 2/3 of the sky above us, burning bright white and lasting an astonishing 7 seconds or so.  Marne asked if it was some kind of flare or something from some other boat out there because it was so bright and so long that it didn't even look real.  It definitely wasn't a flare.   Evidently it was a "fireball", a super hot burning and bright meteor that comes into the earth's atmosphere at a very low angle which gives us a very long look at it's burn.  Supposedly there are more tonight and then more on Nov. 5th with the best viewing after midnight to the wee hours of the morning.  It was by far the most amazing shooting star I have ever seen.

For the second night in a row we went out for a night dive to find some lobster and for the second night in a row we were skunked!  I did see 3 last night.  One too small, one I couldn't get to and one that I shot but lost.  Grrr.  I am a little frustrated as this time last year, in this exact spot, Nathan and I had a lobster fest!  I wish I understood better the comings and goings of these tasty little creatures because they have me perplexed.

Where we are anchored here in the southern bight of Isla Danzante, Marne and I have given it a new name...the blue lagoon.  It is so beautiful here.  It is a tight, small little cove, just big enough for one boat that is surrounded by steep volcanic sides and everything in between is fine, white sand.  This morning we hiked up the rocks and took pictures of the Liahona sitting over the white sand in crystal clear, aqua water.  I wish I could send pictures.  Anyway, we are so grateful to be here and we have decided that it, so far, is definitely on our top 3 list of anchorages.  Until next time.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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