Monday, November 23, 2015

Sampling the fare in La Paz.

We have been in La Paz for about a week now.  Partly due to repairs that needed to be done and partly due to the weather as we wait for a break in what has been nearly constant northers for the last several weeks.  El Nino has definitely affected the normal weather patterns that are expected here in southern Baja and along the Mexican coastline.  Since 1960, there have been two recorded hurricanes in the month of November and as of today we have two tropical storms looming below the Baja Peninsula.  Very strange.

On the tapas tour with SV Cake and SV Dazzler

So as we wait for a favorable weather window to cross over to mainland Mexico we find ourselves here in La Paz with time to burn.  La Paz is a very interesting town and has a lot of history and diversity to enjoy.  The last several days we have been taking time walking the back streets searching out various boat parts and along the way finding some excellent "hole in the wall" food places.  Yesterday we stopped first at a small place selling tacos al pastor...delicious...then on to JJs Ribs...also amazingly delicious...then to cap off the evening we stopped by La Fuente for our daily dose of delicious ice cream!  The girls in La Fuente know us personally now as we have been there every day for the last week!

Mexico, honoring my birthday. haha

The group at The Shack

This afternoon we plan to move out to the north side of the Magote and anchor off the beach where the whale sharks hang out.  Supposedly there are about 30+ whale sharks in the bay right now.  We will spend a night or two there then move north out to the islands and spend Thanksgiving with SV Cake, SV Dazzler and a few other boats.  If there is not a boat large enough to host the pot luck Thanksgiving meal we will do it on the beach.

Ciao for now.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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