Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Holeing up in Agua Verde

Dinner with Jose on the beach in Agua Verde

Last night in Danzante, aka the Blue Lagoon, was a bit sketchy as the anchorage is very tight with barely enough room for one boat and swing room on the anchor in varying winds is extremely minimal.  Last night we had wind from every point on the compass...several times each!  It ranged from 2 knots to 18 knots and as we swung around like a pinwheel I was seriously concerned that during  the course of one of those swings we might be a little more intimate with the volcanic rock shoreline than I was comfortable with.  As a result I stayed up in the cockpit checking wind direction and depth for several hours.  Once things settled a bit around 2am I went back to bed and did not enjoy the rest of my restless night.  

Today we rode light north winds southbound to Bahia Agua Verde where we are nestled in with 6 other boats.  Most likely we will be here for several days as we are supposed to get a multi day norther blow with winds to 30 knots.  We will see if that materializes.  On the way down we had a bit of excitement as we had a quadruple hook up!  Both hand lines and both rods were spooling.  Back in the day we would most likely reel in 4 yellow fin tuna.  Not these days.  All four were skipjacks.  Not good.  There are probably some feral Mexican cats that would turn their nose up at the site of skipjack in their bowl. was exciting and fun anyway.

Aqua Verde is as beautiful as usual.  We went to the beach and invited Jose to dinner tomorrow night.  Jose is an 80 year old dude that has been living in his beach shack for over 25 years and he was excited about the invite.  We then took a stroll around the anchorage on the paddleboard to meet our neighbors.  All super nice...of course.  Newsflash for the Lyle gang...the boat anchored right next to us are Rob Machado's parents!  What?!  Pretty cool.  For those not in the know Rob Machado is a world renowned pro surfer, right up there with Kelly Slater.  

Anyway, another day in the books aboard SV Liahona.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona 
Bret and Marne

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