Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prime diving in San Juanico

As we sipped our morning coffee watching the sun rise over the Sea of Cortez we were acutely aware of how amazingly beautiful this area is and how blessed we are to be here.  After coffee I handled the duties as net controller for the Sonrisa Net this morning on the ham radio, which went well.  Besides handling the check-ins from the various boats around Baja and down along the Mexican coastline we also receive a detailed weather report which informed us that all it is expected to be fairly mild over the next several days.

Today just seemed like a lazy day so we did a few minor chores then set out in the dink for a snorkel around the point.  The water here in San Juanico  right now is crazy clear and a bath like 82 degrees!  The snorkeling was fabulous with plenty of sea life and the sun beams radiating downward to to rocks and reef below us.  A highlight of the dive was finding a sea turtle with his head stuffed between two rocks feeding in about 3' of water.  As I pointed him out to Marne he realized that something was amiss and pulled his head out of the hole and turned around to see what the ruckus was about.  I wanted to see if I could catch a free ride so as he turned around I grabbed a hold of his shell.  He wasn't really keen on the free ride idea and I lost my grip on him as soon as he kicked it in turbo mode to get the hay out of there.  Marne was about 8' behind me and she thought she might get turtle rammed as it sped past her only a foot or so away.  

After the dive we came back to the boat and I decided to take a quick swim under the boat which is anchored in about 20' of water.  When I got to the bottom I saw a familiar site and came up with two Chocolata calms.  It was a little deep for repetitive dives and digging in the sand for the clams so we moved to a little shallower water and began our search again.  After showing Marne once what to look for we were pulling up the rich, delicious, chocolate brown clams one after another.  Tonight they will hang in the net bag off the back of the boat to spit out all the sand and tomorrow we will look for a delicious way to enjoy them.  

After a visit or two with the campers on the beach and a visit from one of the other 3 boats here in San Juanico we are settled in to another peaceful evening.  Until next time.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

P.S.  John, you would have enjoyed being on our little dirt road/trail run this morning. We ambled along through the cactus and underbrush that is blooming with purple and pink flowers.  It wasn't fast but I was pretty sweet.  I told Marne how much you would love to run here, everyday a new trail or road and never really knowing what you are going to get into.  Pretty awesome.

P.S. Catherine.  Marne made mac and cheese with frozen peas.  I guess it is an Astell thing...

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