Monday, October 19, 2015

Isla San Marcos...aka Lobster Island

Day two here at Isla San Marcos but there are some moderate winds heading our way over the next couple of days so I think we will pull anchor this morning and enjoy a nice sail south 12nm to Punta Chivato where we will find good protection from the NW winds over the next day or two.

Yesterday was a very nice day here with no wind and about 88 degrees.  It has been a bit muggy lately, around 70-80% humidity but other than that we have no complaints.  We rigged up the new WindScoops over the forward hatches and they are delightful.  A windscoop is a spinnaker like sail that is about 5' tall by the width of the hatch and funnel a serious bit of wind down into the cabin.  Yesterday we took a peek into the lobster cave and saw several but they were smaller so we let them be to grow up some more.  We did get some great GoPro footage of a couple of them along with the ever present morray eels.  Hopefully we will get good enough interenet connection in the next week or two to upload a couple of those vids.

Last night we took out the Hooka rig, a dive tank with a 30' long hose, and did a little looking for more lobsters. Visibility was poor but I saw several smaller lobster and wound up taking two pretty nice ones that are now in the freezer waiting to fill the lobster cravings that will most certainly come up soon.

All is well onboard and hopefully this afternoon we will be securely anchored at Punta Chivato, just north of the town of Mulege.  Oh, by the way, we are LOVING the new windlass!  It is quiet, smooth and powerful.  

Ciao for now,

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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