Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quick jump down to Sto. Domingo...with Dorado!

A small but very tasty Dorado

We decided to hop on down to Bahia Conception yesterday from San Marcos.  As we headed out we rolled out the main, actually tried to roll out the main and got it jammed. Really jammed!  First time in 2 years that has happened.  So we sailed with headsail only for the 20 some miles south to the head of the Bay of Conception to an anchorage called Santo Domingo where we had our friends onboard the sailboat Harmony waiting for us.  The sail was near perfect, the only glitch was not having a mainsail in the 8-15 knots of wind coming off of our starboard beam.  With headsail only we moved along nicely at about 5-6 knots in a nearly flat sea.  Such an amazing day.  About 4 miles short of the anchorage we hooked into a small dorado which we landed.  It was maybe 4-5 lbs but made for an amazing fish taco dinner shared with our friends on Harmony.

This morning after a good night sleep and a clear head, Robert from Harmony, Ken from the sailboat Cake and I went up on deck to tackle the jammed mainsail problem. It was like magic.  After a mere 3 minutes or so it popped free and is working perfectly. As a sidenote, I spent over 3 hours messing with it yesterday with near zero success. We are so happy to have it all working well.

Right now we are heading the short 7 miles south to Santispak in the Bay of Conception.  It is a beautiful day and we are a pair of very happy cruisers today!  Hope all is well on land.  Until next time....

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