Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hanging with Nathan at Playa Buenaventura

Yesterday we made our way down the Bay of Conception to Playa Buenaventura where Nathan lives.  When we got there and dropped the anchor we spotted a whale shark just off the bow in about 15' of water.  We immediately dropped the dinghy in the water, threw in some snorkeling gear and the GoPro and headed his direction.  Marne has never seen a whale shark before so I told her not to be shy and jump in.  The whale shark was a bit more skittish than normal but Marne jumped right in and swam over to him, reached out her hand placing it on his back and let him swim on by as her hand slipped over the length of him and off the back of his enormous tail.  At that point he dove down a little and we lost him.  It wasn't a very long encounter but Marne said it was one of the most amazing things she has ever experienced in her life.

Our time at the bar/restaurant with Nathan was awesome enjoying some great food and good company with our friends off of Harmony and also Cake, both other cruisers on sailboats.  It got pretty windy and choppy in the afternoon but we decided to stick it out and stay here in front of Nathan's place overnight then leave sometime later this afternoon headed back for Santispak farther north in the bay and much more protected from the strong north winds that are predicted over the next few days.

All is well onboard...until next time...

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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