Thursday, October 29, 2015

Running.... Thinking of Johnny Lotts

Today's post I am dedicating to my running pal back home, John Lotts.  Although we don't run every day and we don't typically run long, we do try to get out every other day or so and take a stroll through the cactus and briars of Baja California on dry dirt roads, trails or whatever is available.  Today we are in San Juanico where we have been for the last 3 days.  We had planned on leaving yesterday but decided to stay here to enjoy it's beauty and protection until after a big blow that is forecasted for Friday moves through.

After the ham net this morning we jumped in the dinghy and headed to the western most shore of the bay here in San Juanico.  After pulling the dinghy up on the beach we dried off our feet and dusted the sand off with a small hand towel that we keep in the dry box of the dink.  We headed inland on a wash/cow trail for a couple hundred yards until we found our way onto a dry and cobbley dirt road that ambles throughout the hills here on the outskirts of the bay.  

It is only 8am and it is already over 80 degrees and the humidity is around 65%.  However, there is a fresh breeze blowing so it doesn't feel as warm as the mercury says it is.  Because of the hurricanes of the last several weeks that have passed by dowsing the desert with rain, the desert is abloom with wildflowers on almost every form of cactus and thorned briar out there.  As you look from the bay into the hills, they are lush green.  Much different than the look of tan and brown, dry brush and rocks that normally adorn the hillsides.  

If you enjoy flat running, this is not the place for you.  You are either going up or down but not too often slogging along a flat.  As  we crested over the first hill we looked back toward the bay to see the Liahona and 3 other sailboats anchored in the crystal clear waters of the bay.  The sandy bottom where we are anchored casts a light aqua glow to the water.  We bounded down the back side of the hill and took in the views of San Basillio point as it stretches out to the southeast into the Sea of Cortez.  At the bottom of the hill we came across a small hacienda with what appeared to be a young man and his wife along with their burros, goats and dogs.  A "buenos dias" was exchanged and after asking if it was ok if we ran through we proceeded after receiving their kind and happy greetings.  Up the next hill we went.  It wasn't long, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile, but it was steep.  Like John's Peak steep.  Gasping for air as we approached the top we were rewarded with 360 degree views high above the anchorage. 

We stopped, mostly to catch our breath, but also to take in where we were.  Who gets to do this?  I thought of the many runners putting down miles in their own asphalt jungle.  Cars, street lights, houses, iPods and more.  None of that here.  It is remote, h and beautiful.  We appreciate where we are.  

We rolled up and down the hills and through the arroyos back to the beach where we took off our shoes, soaked our feet and legs in the sea and then headed back to the boat.  What a great way to start the day!  Here's to you would love it!

SV Liahona 
Bret and Marne

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