Friday, October 23, 2015

Waiting to see what Hurricane Patricia is going to do...

The anchorage in Santispak

After a great visit and overnight stay with Nathan down in Buenaventura we are back anchored down in Santispak.  I love this anchorage for it's great protection from almost every direction and beautiful sand bottom that holds on to the anchor like a commercial sized piece of industrial velcro.  Locally we are waiting out a short little norther that is bringing about 20 some knots of wind over the next few days.  Long term we are waiting to see what Hurricane Patricia is going to do.  More on that...

Hurricane Patricia has wound up tight and quickly strengthened to become the strongest hurricane on record for Pacific Mexico...that is saying something!  Yesterday it went from a Cat 3 hurricane to a Cat 5 (the highest level given for hurricanes).  It is packing sustained winds of 175 mph with gusts to 215 mph and bringing torrential (probably not a strong enough word) rain to the coastline of Mexico near the Manzanillo area.  It is expected to turn inland between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta and they are calling for flooding to be complete inundation in some cities and towns. The turning inland part is good news for us as we are far north and if it stays inland it will weaken and knock itself out.  Sometimes they bounce off of the mainland and continue north.  Something that we hope does not happen.  Either way we are keeping a close eye on it and have excellent weather reports every morning that all cruisers are paying strict attention to.  

This morning has been beautiful here in the Bay of Conception and Marne and I went for a nice run along the beach enjoying the beauty of the early morning sun as it glistens on the water and casts shadows on the back sides of the beautiful mountains that surround us.  All is well on board and we send much Mexican warmth and love north to all of you.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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