Sunday, October 25, 2015

Message from the first mate.

Buenos Dias,

Today's post is being written by the first mate. The captain is at current flooding the bilge with sea water to clean and then pump out. I would have thought it CRAZY a month ago to open a hole in the bottom of the boat and let water fill the bilge! Bret just looked up and said, good news, the bilge pumps work faster than the water comes in. Once again the Liahona reassures us of her sea worthiness. A silver lining in everything. Yesterday was pretty mellow here. Bret and I started the day with a climb up the highest peak we could find, as the run the day before has his calf upset. I then paddled with the girls across the bay to the beach. The guys met us there and one of the girls lead us all in yoga. Thats right folks the captain does yoga.  Today we have a few small projects and then we will pull anchor and head to Santo Domingo. Its about an hour and 1/2 away. Of coarse that is subject to change as all things out here are. Great practice in remembering we are not in control. I am looking forward to San Juanico, but will miss the 4 month old puppy at Ana's restaurant on the beach. Chiquita is tiny tiny and is a good surrogate for Pierre. Bret is pleased that she is less yappy, and she has better breath. I guess I will close with that.

Love and Hugs,
SV Liahona
Marne and Bret