Monday, December 14, 2015

Surfing at Punta de Mita

I had forgotten how rolly the anchorages are on the Pacific side.  Last night started out calm then later the swell rolled in and we began the not so gentle port to starboard roll.  We have the "flopper stopper" out to help dampen the roll but there is only so much the device can do.  That said, it wasn't horrible, we just have to get used to rolling ourselves to sleep.  On a positive note, the water here on the Pacific side is 80 degrees versus the 69 degree water that we left in Baja once the northers sent the temperatures plummeting because of how mixed up the seas were.

Today was a surf day.  There is a nice little right break in front of the anchorage here in Punta de Mita and Marne felt like she was ready to step into fire and give it a shot.  We paddled out off of the sandy beach but quickly learned that as soon as you get into the water it was almost all rock where the waves were breaking.  Par for the course. After a few instructions about body position, paddling and "popping" up to her feet at the right time on the wave she was in the lineup and waiting for her wave.  Unbelievably, the first wave she paddled into she stood up on and rode in toward the beach.  You have no idea how pumped she was.  We stayed out for about 45 minutes or so and she managed to catch a couple more waves making her grand total 3 for 3.  I wasn't really pumped on the rock bottom, mostly because I didn't want Marne getting scraped up nor did I want the nose of one our new boards slamming into the rocks either.  

Marne with her new surf buddy Juan Pablo 

Since we left the beach Marne has been smiling from ear to ear and we can't shut her up.  She is definitely on a major high right now and we might even have to lock her in the stern locker with no lights, food or water until she settles down a little.  On that note, and it's a good one, if you don't believe me, just ask Marne...we will say adios!

SV Liahona
Bret, Marne and Tarren

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