Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crew change. Miss you already Tarren!

This morning we dinghied across the bay here in Tanacatita to the town of La Manzanilla about 3 miles to the south to drop Tarren off so she could start her trip back home.  La Manzanilla is a small town so she had to grab a local bus from here to Melaque about a half hour away where she would then grab a larger bus from there up to Puerto Vallarta.  From PV she will grab a "collectivo" or mini van filled with locals, out to La Cruz where she will spend the night with Ken and Sherri on SV Cake.  Tomorrow morning she will make her way by collectivo back to PV to catch her flight out to Salt Lake City.  We already miss her.

Getting back to the boat we are back to just Marne and I.  Today will be a lazy day with a little pick up here and there but most of all...celebrating Marne's birthday!  She is the queen for the day, week and year!  Whatever she wants!  Feliz Cumple beautiful Marne!  I am so happy and lucky to have you in my life and sharing this wonderful life aboard.

Yesterday the three of us took a dinghy tour up the mangrove lined estuary at the head of the main anchorage.  It winds through thick mangroves for about two and a half miles.  In some places it was so narrow the dinghy was barely able to fit through and sometimes we had to duck our heads to avoid the mangrove canopy above us.  A tunnel of vegetation and wildlife.  Near the very back end of the estuary we spotted a couple of small crocs, one maybe 5' long and the other a bit smaller.  None of us had ever seen a crocodile in the wild like that before.  It was amazing.

Not sure how long we will stay here in Tenacatita but we won't wander too far as there is much to see.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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