Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Baja is just a memory

The weather forecast changed slightly so we adjusted accordingly and jumped off into the deep blue.  We left Bahia Frailes around 9:45am this morning under sunny skies, fair but brisk winds and a rolly sea.  As the sun moves across the southern sky the Baja coastline begins to disappear from view off the stern.  By the time we awake in the morning we be far from sight of land in any direction and probably won't see any signs of terra firma until late in the day tomorrow.  

If you want to map our current position we are at 23 degrees, 7 minutes North, 108 degrees 57 minutes West as of 2:45pm, Wednesday.  Our heading is 110 degrees true and our speed is appx. 6.5 knots.  The seas have been  pretty sloppy all day with most of the swells following the winds from the NNW around 3-4' with an occasional set in the 6' range.  Winds have been fairly consistent from 13-20 knots coming from the NNW, putting the wind on our port beam.  Although conditions are not perfectly comfy they are reasonable and predicted to remain the same throughout the night and then decline a bit tomorrow.  With this wind we could be doing 1-2 knots faster but I have the sails reefed back to a fairly conservative sail plan so we don't heel too much and also to allow for any unforseen gusts.  

We haven't seen any marine life yet but we do hook up with on Bonita on the handlines which we promptly threw back.  We did, however, see three whale spouts yesterday on our run to Frailes.

All is well on board.  Crew is doing great, both Marne and Tarren are taking a short nap preparing for the night watches later tonight.  We will try to update again tomorrow sometime between the morning and afternoon but don't panic if you don't see anything as it might be too rough to update.  For now we head into a beautiful Pacific sunset at sea and then into the darkness for a few hours.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona
Bret, Marne and Tarren

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