Wednesday, December 9, 2015

20+ knots and 6-8' seas to Bahia Frailes

We left Bahia de los Muertos around 8am this morning heading south for Bahia Frailes about 45 miles to the south.  Frailes will be our hopping off point to head over to mainland Mexico which lies about 2 days sail to the southeast.  Today's sail was ALL sail with winds from 15-25 knots and a following sea.  It was not a very comfortable ride but nobody got sick and we only used the motor to pull the anchor in Muertos and then again to put the anchor down in Frailes.  A full day of travel for about $2 bucks!

We traveled with our friends Ken and Sheri on SV Cake.  They are a smaller boat, a 36' Beneteau so they go a bit slower but it is nice to talk with someone along the way on the VHF radio.  We had two other boat friends, Harmony and Le Chat Buete who got to Frailes yesterday and left this morning for the mainland.  There is a small weather window of slightly milder winds that a lot of boats are taking advantage of.

Upon arrival in Frailes we noticed a Mexican shrimp boat in the anchorage so after getting settled we put the dinghy in and buzzed over to see if they had any shrimp on board. The did of course and so we asked them how much for a kilo.  They asked what we had to trade and were looking for cigarettes, booze or porn. We were fresh out of all three!  The did not want pesos.  So we headed away dejected but they soon called us back and gave us a huge bag of shrimp, probably close to 2 kilos and they would not take any money from us.  How awesome is that?  Fresh shrimp, potatoes and carrots, a great dinner... on the cheap!  That is the extent of our day here aboard.  We will probably sit tomorrow and head across on Thursday.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona
Bret, Marne and Tarren

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