Saturday, December 5, 2015

La Paz in the rear view.


We are finally out of La Paz!  In La Paz for a week, out to the islands then back in La Paz for another few days, all due to strong, relentless winds that have kept us from crossing over to mainland Mexico.  However, that is now behind us.  Yesterday morning Tarren jumped a bus from Buenaventura where she spent a couple of weeks with Nathan.  After a short 6 hour bus ride we found her walking down the Malecon, bag in hand and backpack strapped on.  It was awesome to see her after being gone for 2 months!  By the time we got to the boat it was about 5:30pm so we quickly threw her stuff on board, checked out with the port captain and headed 6 miles north to Bahia Falsa where we spent the night.

This morning we were up early, around 4:45am, to pull the anchor and point the Liahona south the 52 miles to Bahia de los Muertos.  This morning was dead calm but around 8am or so we turned off the motor and sailed for a couple of hours then we lost the wind. Typical Baja.  So we motor sailed for about 3 hours then around 11am we were able to turn off the motor for good and enjoyed an awesome, light wind broad reach through the Cerralvo Channel towards Muertos.

Along the way we picked up a Sierra and a nice Wahoo, both delicious, that we will share with some friends tonight.  We also caught 2 Bonita that we tossed back.  The sail was so peaceful.  The seas were calm and we never saw more than about 10 knots all day until we pulled into Muertos.  We will stage here for a day or two, watch weather, then hopefully head another 45 miles south to Frailles which is where we will jump off from to head across, most likely to Isla Isabel.

That is a wrap on a spectacular day here on the Sea of Cortez!  Marne and I are definitely happy to finally be moving farther south.  Ciao for now.

SV Liahona
Bret, Marne and Tarren

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