Friday, April 29, 2016

The boys visit Baja.

The end of April brought us over to the Baja side where we picked up my youngest son Tallen and my nephew Rawly in Cabo then sailed north with them to La Paz and the surrounding islands.  Although the water temp is a little cooler, the scenery is beautiful and the visit with the boys coundn't be better!  Here are a few pics with the boys.

 Tallen set up his slackline in Bahia de los Muertos

 Fishing huts at Caleta Partida

Dinghy surfing at Muertos

 Having fun in La Paz

 Fish on!

 This is the way they do the movies in Mexico!  Saw the new Jungle Book, luxury style!

 At the movies.  Cost...about $4.50.

 Good times with the youngest son Tallen.

The boys doing some sailing.

 Sailing on the east side of Isla Espiritu Santo.

 Sunset...Baja style!

 Rawly chilling in the cockpit.

 Marne at the fishing village. Caleta Partida.

 No clue...but some sort of spine from something.

 A crab in the clear waters of Caleta Partida

 Tallen heading back to the dink.

 The beauty of Caleta Patida.

 Not sure if Raw is praying or peeing...

 Rawly's new buddies

 The prayer hut at Caleta Partida. SV Liahona in the background.

Anchored on the east side of Partida.

The harvest.



 Yes, night diving in cooler waters requires some insulation.

 Marne's monster Parrot fish.

The first meal taken with the new speargun. Courtesy of Marne!

 Snorkeling with the sea lions at Los Islotes.

 Friendly pup.

 The lazy ones that didn't come out to play.

 Rawly with a friendly swimmer.

Marne, Tallen and unnamed sea lion.

That is a sneak peak of the vist so far here with the boys.  Until next time...

SV Liahona
Bret, Marne, Tallen and Rawly

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  1. Too bad about keel. Just a note....parrot fish keep the reef healthy, when you kill them you inadvertently kill the reef. Stick with pelagic fish.