Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mr. Magoo

After several great days enjoying the surf in Matanchen Bay we picked up the anchor before first light this morning and made the 8 hour, 42 mile trip up to Isla Isabel, one of our favorite anchorages outside of the Baja.  We sailed in near perfect winds and calms seas for the first 4-5 hours then lost most of the wind for an hour or so during the transition time when the wind changes directions from the east to the northwest.  The last 3 hours we motor sailed into the wind which was right on the bow.  Fortunately we got into Isabel before the chop built up too much.

Just before we got to Isabel we hauled in a beautiful Sierra.  The first edible fish we have caught in over 2 months!  We are pretty stoked to be having fresh fish this evening with our friends on SV Gene Butler that followed us up from San Blas.  The wind is blowing about 15 knots here but the water is beautiful and we are pretty protected hiding behind the two large volcanic spires that sit just a few yards off of the northeast side of the island.

After dropping the hook Marne went down below to tidy things up and flip the battery switch to allow the solar to continue to charge the batteries.  When she looked down next to the engine compartment there was a large pool of black oil spilling out onto the floor.  Yes, that can be a reason for alarm.  I immediately opened up the engine compartment and found oil splattered on the starboard bulk heads and over much of the motor.  Yikes!  It didn't take long to find the problem...the oil fill cap was not where it was supposed to be, covering the oil fill spout.  It was right where I left it after adding a 1/4 quart of oil to the engine about 2 days ago in Matanchen Bay, sitting right there next to the motor, covered in oil like everything else.  We were fortunate that we only lost about a quart of oil and other than a slight mess, it was an easy fix.

Who does that?  After banging my head against the wall for being so stupid I settled into a gratitude prayer that it was not any worse.  No damage, just a bit messy and a deflated ego.  And after that small debacle, all is well on board and we look forward to a day or two here in the paradise that is Isla Isabel.

See the yellow cap?  It was laying on the floor below there bathed in oil!  

Ciao for now,

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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