Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another collage of pics from our time on the Mexican Riviera.

We had a ton of hits on the last collage of pics I posted from our time on the Pacific Coast of Mexico so I figured I could wrestle up some more pics of the hundreds that we have in order for you readers to feel some of what we got to see and do during the last 4 months.

Once again, in no particular order, here are some more pics.  Enjoy.  BTW, we just surpassed 10,000 views of the blog here in the last couple of days.  We would love to see that number grow exponentially so please feel free to share with others!

 Sunset in Chacala


 Tarren and Marne in Yelapa

 A boa constrictor found along the trail in Yelapa

 Tarren under the falls in Yelapa

 Las Hadas Resort, Manzanillo

 My beautiful girl Marne and her gorgeous daughter Sydney

  Container ship in Manzanillo Bay

 Tanker put aground by hurricane Patricia last fall.

 On lighthouse hill with our good friends Chris and Liz from SV Espiritu. Mazatlan.

 Surfing the longboard in Tenacatita.

 The ruins of Tulum near Cancun.


 Breakfast with my sister Karla and her new husband Jeff in Cancun.

 Cenote diving with my niece and nephew in Cancun.

 More Tulum.

 Goat tongue tacos...I'd prefer them without the visual.

 Dinner in the cockpit with Mane's sister Stacey and her daughter Emma.

 Coffee with our new fisherman friends near Chacala.

 I have no idea who this is!  She looks local.

 Marne loves military men!  Getting boarded in Punta de Mita.

 Humpback near Jaltemba.

 This was taken in the marina in La Cruz, right off the stern of the Liahona.

 More surfing in Tenacatita.

 Marne's daughter Syd.

 Sushi made "a casa".

 ...good to know!

 Syd on our jungle hike near La Manzanilla.

 Snorkeling just north of Manzanillo.

 Croc reserve in La Manzanilla.

 These bird pics are from our dinghy tour up the estuary in Tenacatita.

Same estuary trip, this is no croc reserve!


  1. Two questions: 1) What were you doing to get those crocs to open their mouths? and 2) Did you really pick up a boa constrictor and let him crawl near your neck? (waving finger in your face): "Oh, no you DIDN'T!" XOXO Liz and Chris from La Paz... :-) (great shots, you crazy kids)

  2. I am not sure if the crocs were waiting for food to drop in or were just giving us a soft warning showing us the sharp end of the stick. And yes, I did just pick up a random boa off the trail. I used to have one for several years in college and it was the exact species... a red tailed boa. It was awesome.

  3. When the military board your boat, what are looking for?