Thursday, February 5, 2015

On the land blues...

Once you have spent time living on the water going back and living on land is not easy.  Yes, there are benefits but for me they are far outweighed by the daily hustle and bustle that goes along with normal life on the stable surface that most just refer to as earth.  Being home I have to deal with mail, phone calls, bills, expensive meals, traffic, appointments and even normal showers.  Yes...I like bathing in the ocean way better even if there is no "hot" knob to twist to add instant comfort to your shower. 
It seems like it has been a long two months here in Oregon but I have been busy with sourcing parts and getting things ready to go back down to the boat.  Along the way there have been plenty of other distractions, not the least of, my shop nearly burning down.  Fortunately nobody was hurt but there was extensive damage to the building.  That happened yesterday and I am scheduled to leave to head down to Mexico early next week.  Timing of that situation wasn't exactly optimal but it is what it is. In the aftermath of my thoughts and emotions centered around the fire I carefully guide my mind towards the clear skies, warm blue waters and cell phoneless days of my cruising life.  It is the way I cope and it makes the bad man go away. 
So a few more days here gathering boat goodies, handling details of life on land and I will be off.  I should leave Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and after 2-3 days of driving I will be there.  Yes, I'm looking forward to that.
Here are a couple of pictures of my most recent land disaster...ugh.

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