Tuesday, February 24, 2015


It seems like it has been a long week and a half here in San Carlos preparing the Liahona for the next three months of cruising.  I have struggled with slow and sometimes dishonest locals, difficulties in finding the specific parts I needed, spending more money that I wanted to and in general clawing at each project until it was complete and then moving on to the next one.  However, along the way I did find some help from a couple of local, very knowledgeable, honest and hard working guys that without them I would not be ready to go.  Most notably, Jesus Salas from Phoenix Marine Service.  He is a wealth of information and as honest as the day is long.  Thanks Jesus!
The following is NOT a complete list of fixes and/or new additions that were tackled over the last several days…
2 new solar panels added to my array which now gives me a total of 800 watts of sun power.
New stainless steel rack to mount the solar panels on.
New Outback MPPT solar charge controller.
New Xantrex 1800 watt power inverter wired to the starboard/galley side of the boat.
New Xantrex 60 amp, 3 bank battery charger.
New Icom 718 ham radio with a new antenna tuner and Pactor 4 modem.
New LED back deck light to help putting the dinghy up at night, cleaning fish, etc.
New LED Steaming/Deck light. (this completes my goal of having ALL lights onboard be LED)
2 new, higher capacity bilge pumps wired for manual or automatic operation.
New ablative bottom paint.
New cockpit cushions.
New RAM mount for my iPad on the binnacle.
Various 12v outlets for charging “stuff”.
New Selden CX25 furling system for my new Code 0 headsail.
Completely new circuit breaker panel including breakers, diodes, cable ends, etc.
Additional memory foam added to the Pullman berth.
Pullman closet redone and now more secure during passage.
Port lights (windows in hull) redone and secured so we NEVER repeat that disaster again!
Hull, deck and all chrome polished and waxed.
Anchor chain newly marked in 25’ increments.
All standing rigging checked and tuned.

I have probably forgotten a few things but I think that covers most of it.  Whew!  It has been busy but I am super excited to be all tidy and ready to set sail for the Baja side as soon as I get a good weather window.  It is supposed to continue to be pretty windy, 20-30 knots, until late tomorrow.  If all looks good, I will leave for the other side tomorrow or Thursday late afternoon.

A shout out to my girlfriend Marne whom I am sorely missing and can’t wait to see in a few weeks and also my kids, sister and niece…I miss everyone and am looking forward to seeing you soon in the warm waters of the Mexican Riviera!  Let's do this!
Before...circuit board being rebuilt after the broken port light debacle last fall.
After...all new breakers, diodes, amp and volt meters.
New solar array.
Wiring in the new inverter to the house bank under the aft bunk.
All gussied up and ready for a date with the Sea of Cortez and south to PV.

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